About us

The benefits of buying from Giant Newcastle – Newcastles largest bicycle shop

A bigger range of bike styles with a bigger range of sizes in stock so you can look at them, feel them, try them for size and ride home today.

Experienced trained staff on hand who are genuinely interested in ensuring you enjoy your bike riding experience and after helping choose the correct bike size then set up the bike correctly for the rider.

Giant Newcastle assemble every bike in store, then when you choose your bike, it is fully checked by a second mechanic before you ride away. In fact many retailers who sell bikes, display complete bikes but the customer finds that when he picks the bike up he has to assemble it himself. We think that’s wrong, because a bike is a road going vehicle and it can be dangerous if assembled by untrained people.

For customers who purchase one of our bikes, we offer a comprehensive bike service valued at $49.95, and will perform the bike’s first service (within 12 months) completely FREE should the bike be in fair condition. We recommend a bike gets serviced at least annually (more frequently if the bike gets heavy use) to minimise your running costs.

Our Commitment to Quality

Giant Newcastle insist on providing the most complete experience possible when you buy a bike:

  • We will make your choice of bike easy by recommending one that suits your intended riding style.
  • We fit you to your bike, making sure you ride away in comfort on a bike of the correct size.
  • All of our bikes are sold fully assembled and ready to ride.
  • We can recommend a selection of accessories that will ensure you have everything you need.
  • Any accessories you buy with your bike are fitted at no extra cost!
  • For the original purchaser of any Hadley’s bike, the first service within 12 months is completely free, and any future services or labour charges on your repairs are discounted for as long as you own your bike!
  • Our friendly team live and breathe cycling, so we are proud to offer our enthusiasm and knowledge to make your purchase as enjoyable as we can.

Professional Repairs and Servicing

Giant Newcastle employ skilled mechanics and provide the best service in the region. We provide an expert repair service to anyone who owns a bike of bicycle-shop quality:

  • We define bike shop quality bikes as being sold in assembled form by a recognised bicycle specialist store (not a toy you buy in a box).
  • Bikes that are sold to you in a box quite often use non-standard non-replaceable parts and are usually poor quality overall. We will not be able to complete repairs on these bikes to a professional standard. For these reasons, we are unable to accept these bikes for repair or servicing.

We guarantee all our repairs and services for three months, so have confidence that your bike is in safe hands!

So what are you waiting for? Make tracks to Giant Newcastle today!